Meet Daniel

Daniel Bednarik is a seasoned professional in the field of Biopharmaceutical research.  He has years of experience in the field of biopharmaceuticals which he draws upon and alters to fit any setting in which he works.  While Daniel Bednarik is extremely dedicated to his career, as he is deeply interested in the furthering of medicine and the bettering of our quality of life through biological research, he does have assorted interests outside the realm of biopharmaceutical study.

When Daniel Bednarik is not in the workplace, he enjoys boating, hunting, gardening, traveling, fishing, camping, rugby, cooking and modern art.  While this is within the realm of biopharmaceutical research, Daniel Bednarik is personally fascinated by the study of heart failure and any cardiovascular issues.  He is interested in research surrounding this topic and up-and-coming methods of better treating this ailment.

Early in his career, Daniel Bednarik spent a good deal of time in career in Vancouver, BC.  It was here that Daniel Bednarik really hones and cultivated his skills and insight as a biopharmaceutical researcher, as well as his business management abilities.  To learn more about Daniel Bednarik’s interests and life experiences, feel free to peruse the following links.

Intrexon Corporation

20358 Seneca Meadows Pkwy,

Germantown, MD 2087

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