Current Employment and Background Experience

Daniel Bednarik is scientist who works and studies within the field of biopharmaceutical and medical research. Daniel’s experience working in his field includes leading the cultivation and implementation of inventive, adaptive technologies that apply to the conducting of research within the clinical field of study.  He has extensive knowledge within practice of heading the creative process of product development along with the business extension within newly-formed companies, as well as long-established businesses. He holds a deep understanding of genomics database design and application, and is competent in the process behind the development of bioinformatics equipment.

Daniel Bednarik is a trained professional in the niche of infectious diseases and has contributed to the enhancement of the use of animal model studies by working on animal model development in the realm of biopharmaceutical field.  He also has contributed his knowledge and experience to the endeavor of the stratification of clinical trials that utilize human biomarkers.  Daniel Bednarik has served as an active member of the FDA Advisory Committee, and has taken part in the discourse and administration behind their regulatory dealings.  Daniel has authored and submitted numerous IND, IDE, BLA and CMC regulatory documents for review and publication. While he seen a great deal of success within his field, one of his noteworthy career moments in which he feels a great deal of pride is his co-founding role in the creation and launch of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc.  For this business, Daniel is responsible for raising $5M worth of private equity funding for the startup business.  Along with these impressive accomplishments, Daniel has done a great deal of consulting within his field of biopharmaceutics and is frequently sought out for his wisdom and advice. 

Currently, Daniel Bednarik is a Senior Consultant who will be defining the funding and operations for a novel approach to immunotherapy that will be paradigm-changing and completely proprietary.  Details of this project are pending closure of financing.  Prior to taking on this exciting new venture, Danial Bednarik worked at Intrexon Corporation, in Germantown, Maryland, where he served as the Vice President of  the Operations of the Molecular Engineering Unit within the company.  In his role, Daniel offered support by way of his understanding of molecular engineering for the various branches of the company, as well as dealt with “External Channel Partner,” collaborations in terms of proprietary gene design technology imperative to the facilitation of drug and/or product cultivation across a wide range of corporate divisions and sectors.  As VP of the MEU, he worked alongside the Chief Scientific Officer (MEU) in a number of situations, along with the company’s President, the Human Therapeutics Division (HTD), and the Cell Engineering Unit (CEU) in order to improve and grow the translation of technology to application in the clinic or other areas.

During his time at Intrexon, Daniel specialized in a number of niches, one of which was the leading of the molecular measures for the Corporations.  The other areas he worked within included the management of 14 direct reports, developing, cultivating and running testing for orally activated gene therapy solutions. Daniel Bednarik has come up with novel methodologies for coming to solid conclusions regarding gene therapy issues and can claim responsibility for the development of new ideas for platforms for production of new important discoveries that are derived from cell-based research.  He is knowledgable of and has experience in biopharmaceutical efforts and studies dealing with veterinary work, food science, health sectors and bioinformatics, to name a few.

Prior to his role at Intrexon, Daniel Bednarik filled the role of Director of the Scientific Advisory Board at Albitech in Baltimore, Maryland.  Earlier than that, he was the co-founder and vice-president of Artesian Therapeutics, a company that was ultimately acquired by Cardiome Pharma in 2005.  After this acquisition, Daniel joined the Cardio Pharma team.  Daniel’s vast and deep experience along with his varied background in biopharmaceuticals enable him to be a highly successful, reputable figure in his area of expertise.